Writing Part time

I love to write.  My day goes better when I get the chance to write.  Now, I’m holed up in my den meditating, spending my fifteen minutes catching up with my social network and writing.  It’s a mini-vacation in the middle of the work week.

And it’s also tough.  It’s tough to have the energy to write after a full day of work.  It’s tough to lock my husband out for a few hours while I indulge my creative side.  But it’s so rewarding that I make it happen.  I’ve written four novels and am working on the fifth…all part-time.   I’ve re-written, edited and re-written AGAIN…those same four novels.

Know what I haven’t really done?

I haven’t really sent those novels to agents, developed my writing BUSINESS, or found homes for  thousands of personal essays…which I’ve also rewritten again and again.  Sure, I’ve got some publishing credits.  I’ve developed a pitch that I use at writing conferences when I book appointments with the agents who frequent those…I’ve attended hundreds of writing conferences, met people, read their books, taken notes, shared what I learned on this site and through personal contacts.  I’ve joined writing groups.

The problem is I don’t really like the business side of writing.  That quite possibly is a career-busting admission, but I think that most of us would agree.  I want to spend my time being creative, not being enterprising and self-promoting.

The truth is…we have to do both.  So, here’s my commitment to my writing business based on years of listening to other writers tell their tales and agents telling theirs.  I’m going to devote one night a week to researching markets and agents, catching up on my writing networks and polishing my query material.   It’s going on my electronic calendar right now…well, as soon as I publish this blog post.

And I’m going to update you regularly on my progress.

Care to join me?  Let’s get marketing, writers!

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