Pane of Glass

I started out onto the deck this morning to play fetch with Mika and met loss. She (this tiny cardinal) was on top of the gas grill right below the new sunroom windows and I know how she died. On our other tall windows, we have applied stickers made especially for birdy-eyes so they can tell that this is a trick…there’s a barrier that will prevent them from soaring through the air toward the paradise they can see but not reach. The pain of glass…from a pane of glass.


As women, we don’t physically die when we hit the glass barrier, but there is some death isn’t there? We start out thinking we can do anything, be anything, make anything of our lives; we’re smart, capable, lovable, worthy; the sky’s the limit.

Then some jerk puts in a glass sunroom. I was that jerk.

I told my daughters, and continue to tell the same story to my granddaughters…’YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!’

Look at them…

IMG_4129IMG_4488Thoughtful, smart, strong, resilient, confident, talented, full of grit and perseverance.

Should I be telling them that there might be some jerk who puts up a glass sunroom that will knock the wind out of them someday?

I refuse.

Women…we must all refuse!

There was an experiment a few years ago where scientists kept a goldfish in a little, tiny goldfish bowl then moved it to a large aquarium. What they found was that the goldfish had learned its limits…that his ability to swim was limited by glass barriers. She could see more space, more fun things to do, tunnels to swim through and rocks to hide under but she didn’t think she could get to it so she didn’t even try.


We tell our daughters that they can do anything but we allow some jerk to build artificial glass barriers. We are jerks-by-association when we don’t stand up for equal pay, equal rights, equal respect, equal attention. We are jerks-by-association when we teach our daughters that they must learn to be more like a man in the office, ignore their emotions, or deny the feminine energy that gives us our greatest strengths.

We began to nurture a man’s right to ‘get in touch with his feminine side’, but we’ve almost outlawed it for women if they want to succeed in business or government. And we’re jerks-by-association when we allow that to continue in this country.

“It’s just a bird,” my husband said.

But it isn’t…is it? It’s a message from the universe to all of us. Stand in our own power, soar like we were meant to soar and watch out for those glass barriers erected by jerks and jerks-by-association.

Call them out, find a way around, pull your sisters and brothers together and TEAR THEM DOWN!

That little bird did not die in vain if we heed its message…as women…as Americans…as men in touch with their feminine energy. All of us together can shatter the obstacles…and shatter them we must…for this little bird…and all the little girls we love including the ones who have become us.


Make your voice heard…VOTE!!! 


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