A Disorganized Cross-Country Road Trip

You have to be a bit organized to drive your 18-month-old ADHD 30% trained and 60%-absolutely-not-trained German Shepherd puppy from Los Angeles to Columbus…O-H-I-O

and as I sit in a Starbucks in Dallas, Texas about 3 miles from Dallas Love Field, I realize that I was not…



Here’s how all of our lives would have been a bit different had I been organized:

  1. the horrified friend of a friend who watched my dog while said friend and I had a catch-up pizza would not have needed intense psychiatric therapy for her shitzu on the Monday after her encounter with Mika. Senior Shitzu…German Shepherd puppy. Never should have happened.
  2. The family in the Phoenix hotel who were trapped on the elevator when the door opened to a crazy woman clutching a dog leash in one hand while trying to steer a luggage cart filled with dog chew toys, kibble, Yak bones, dog dishes, and one human’s suitcase…would still not be afraid of elevators today.

    Once unloaded, she thought she should have the next ride.
  3. The front desk receptionist who came to the room to fix the heater would still have a pristine paw-free black skirt to go with her pristine paw-free black jacket. 8zAiVRQbQHea1dzVSu4bJA
  4. The front desk receptionist of the VanHorn Texas hotel would still be a bit lonesome to play with a German Shepherd…okay, that one was a GOOD thing.
  5. And finally, she would not be in a doggy daycare/boarding facility for a full day between check-out and touchdown while I wait in a Starbucks for my husband’s plane to land…because I didn’t think about an historic Texas coldfront, or timing.

    Well…she does look like she’s having fun!

So, IF I had been organized, what would I have done differently? Easy…FLOWN!


Maybe I’m having a bit of fun too!

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