I’m a Bottler. What emotional style describes you?


Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash


As far as emotions go, what’s your default?

I’m a bottler…that means that I have a tendency to bottle everything up until the final raindrop hits the surface of the water barrel….it could be a muddy paw print on the wood floor, an errant smudge of eyeliner, spilled almond milk on the kitchen counter.

Anyway, you can see that all those things are worthy of an eruption, right?

No? Yet, when my bottle’s full, an explosion ensues!


Photo by Emily Campbell on Unsplash

A bottler wouldn’t say a thing when you keep her waiting for half an hour because you just couldn’t get your hair to look perfect.

She wouldn’t utter one complaint when you criticize the way she loads your dishwasher…YOUR DISHWASHER!

She wouldn’t think of commenting on your comment about her driving!

What you’ll see is a sweet, patient, care-free person who isn’t bothered by a thing.


Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash

Until that paw print!


Are you a bottler?

Or maybe you’re a Blocker? Blockers deny, deny, deny all negative emotions behind those rose-colored glasses that paint the world in shades of happy, fair, just, and all-for-the-best.

When I’m not being a Bottler, I can easily fall into my Pollyanna Blocking stance.

Maybe you’re neither of these…maybe you’re something entirely different. Let me know….as an American who’s 40% Italian…I’ve always felt like a Third Culture kid trapped between my Italian predilection to say what I feel and then let it go and my American upbringing that nice girls only say nice things… or things that SOUND nice but aren’t, Bless Your Heart!

How do you describe your emotional heritage? And your emotional style?

Can’t wait to hear!



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