Canceled Blog Post

Today’s witty and inspiring Blog Post will be canceled due to an acute attack of  Listicle Binge Disorder. Be on the look-out for that! It is, in fact, contagious.

My attack began with The 5 Myers-Briggs Personality Types that will Put You First. I learned that I am not one of those, so that may take me out of the dating pool on I’ll have to tell my husband. He’ll probably be disappointed.

But the attack didn’t end there. NO! I went on to The 7 Habits That Will Help Me Lose Weight…which I read while eating strawberry mochi ice cream. I suppose I’ll start those habits on Monday.

Don’t feel badly for me, but my attack didn’t stop there. The 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting a Master’s Degree…  would’ve probably been more helpful before I actually received a Master’s degree, but I was delirious with LBD and wasn’t thinking straight.

The 3 Ways Blogging Can Pay was the LBD just playing itself out…this acute attack was almost over…and with a listicle that doesn’t apply to my blog at all … Unless you want to share this with 3 friends who happen to share with 3 friends who also edit magazines.

Not that I’m asking you to do that… But if you really want to…I mean, since you didn’t send a card.

Anyway. What was my point?

Oh yeah… There will be no blog post today due to an acute case of Listicle Binge Disorder.

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