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Vicki Noll is a creative writer, a blogger, and writing coach specializing in helping writers get out of their own way. She writes about life, travel, leadership, parenting, and spirituality. She also is currently working on a cozy mystery and a book of essays. Her work has appeared in Walking Magazine, Slice of Life Literary Journal, Grit Magazine, The Polishing Stone, The Akron Beacon Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, and she has had the honor of receiving the Thurber Treat Award from the Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio for a humor essay.

She currently lives in Westerville, Ohio with her smart husband and brilliant German Shepherd puppy, Mika.


And unoffically…

If you’re still reading this page, that means you’re one of those inquiring minds who really wants to know all the details. Unfortunately, I feel like a kid coming home from school who answers the question, ‘what’d you learn in school today?’ with the very articulate “Nothing”.

I think all there is to know is this:
As a writer, I’ve been published, have received some encouragement from editors and agents and have a large, almost-museum-quality collection of rejection letters. The only thing that makes me different from Stephen King is that he’s rich, famous, and has gotten a couple of movie deals for a few of his books. However, we both have a fine collection of rejection letters and that fact is very comforting to me.

As a traveler, I’m out to learn and experience as much of this world as I can. Travel expands my thinking, my attitudes and my credit card debt. The only thing that makes me different from Rick Steves is the same rich and famous thing that differentiates me from Stephen King.

Oh, and his life expansion is televised as well as published.

Oh, and instead of expanding his credit card debt from things like airline tickets and hotel rooms, he’s expanding his savings account…but the important thing is that we both love to learn and experience this world through travel.

As a Life Coach, I want everyone in the world to have that feeling I get when I’ve created something of value. I imagine it’s a feeling much like what runners call a runner’s high or that euphoric feeling we women have after giving birth and the labor pain is in the past. The only thing that makes me different from Martha Beck is that annoying rich and famous thing.

Oh, and the number of books we’ve each published: Martha 9; Vicki 0.

Oh, and the fact that Martha knows Oprah!  Still, the important thing is that we both want to empower others to live up to their potential.

My goal is to inspire everyone in the world to create something every day…a loving way of life, a drawing, a photograph, a sculpture, a business, a sand castle on the beach, a potholder!

Just think what a dangerous world this would be without potholders!

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