Finding your Purpose

Finding our purpose and some meaning is vital these days.  And I say ‘these days’ because it wasn’t so important to our parents and grandparents.  They didn’t have the time or energy to think about their purpose, they were too busy working 50 and 60 hours a week for their survival–and ours– to contemplate self-actualization.  It’s the great thing about being part of the knowledge-based culture of the last 3 decades–it may not have seemed like it, but we had a little more time to move our world into the right-brain culture we’re entering now.  In this culture, we value holistic, creative, spiritual, aesthetic and emotional literacy.  This isn’t just New Age hype.  Look at reports coming from corporate executives.  They’re telling us that they need more people who can get along with other people–not just read, write and navigate the net.  They’re screaming for people who can find unconventional new ways to address age-old issues and the new issues that are slamming us through this economic ‘down-turn’.  We’re in a state of transition and life purpose is a critical issue.  So is emotional literacy.  So are interpersonal skills—yes, in an age of texting, sexting, blogging and cyber-social networking, face-to-face interpersonal skills are still critical—maybe even MORE critical.   If you don’t believe me, just take this week to reflect on the challenges you’re encountering in your own life at home and at work.  Pick up a little book called A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink.  Read the classic Good to Great by Jim Collins–what’s the difference in a good company and a great one?  Knowing purpose and having the interpersonal and creative skill sets to listen to employees, value them and be a bit unconventional.  And another recommendation—go to the theater-only showing of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new program about living a life of purpose.  It’s showing on January 28th and Feb. 4th.  Put it on your calendar.   Do you want your life to go from good to great?  Finding your purpose could be the first step on the path to your greatest life ever.