Enlighten Me

I Have a Dream Too

As MLK Day approaches, I’m thinking a lot about ‘why’. This could also be due to the fact that I’m having an extended stay with my 5-year-old granddaughter. Anyone who’s ever been around a 4-5-year-old knows what question adults answer most…”Why?”

At any rate, WHY has been on mind this week.

Dr. King’s ‘why’ was famous…he had a dream that he believed in and in order to make that dream come true, he had to get off his ass to walk the talk, and talk the walk. He believed so strongly in a world where everyone was treated with respect and dignity that he gave his life. I don’t really want to say MLK was like a 20th century Jesus, but he sort of was, wasn’t he?

He was spit on, beat up, murdered for his strong beliefs…but what makes him like Jesus is that they held the same beliefs. Contrary to what popular politics tells us, the New Testament’s message to me was that Jesus loves everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation. Maybe much of this isn’t stated implicitly, but it’s implied in the way HE approached everyone, healed anyone, and never made any bones about saying that God, His Father, was no respecter of persons, which to me and Bible scholars everywhere except apparently DC, means that God doesn’t care whether you’re black, white,  red, brown, purple or green. He’s gonna love you like nobody loves you come rain or come shine.

Isn’t that what MLK was not fighting about? What he marched for, got arrested for, and ultimately died for? Before 2016, I would’ve said that as a country, we were almost at the terminal…the MLK Dream Train was coming round the bend just about to arrive. But then… .

So as we approach yet another MLK Day, I wonder about my own dreams…deep, inner dreams that have nothing to do with the kind of car I dream of owning (Tesla), or the  income of my fantasies (A LOT), or vacation destinations of my daydreams (Everywhere!). I’m talking deep inner beliefs that drive my behavior, set my boundaries, inform how I talk, walk, treat others. So, let me list a few, but I don’t think you should hold me to only these…I might want to add to my list, even though it’s difficult enough for me some days to stay in alignment with even these!


  1. in a world where everyone has enough to eat, clean water to drink, a warm place to sleep, and someone who worries about them when they don’t come home for a while.
  2. in the equality of ALL human beings regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, political persuasion, ethnicity.
  3. in a God who loves us all unconditionally and wants us to be good disciples and follow His lead.
  4. that war is evil and futile and should be a thing of history.
  5. that there’s nothing more important than family…and that we’re all family!


So, between now and this MLK Day, then to next MLK Day I have a lot of work to do to walk my talk…obviously, I need to go back to volunteering at WARM whose mission it is to feed people in Central Ohio. I need to see ALL people through the eyes of God…(this is so difficult for me…think TRUMP!). I need to have peace in my own heart and welcome everyone I meet into my family where they belong. (Which I do not think means they all live with me!)

How about you?

What do you believe and what are you willing to do for it?

My challenge to you is to think about it…it’s the least we can do to honor the man who gave his life for his dream of an America without all the ‘isms’ that keep us separated.



Wishes Fulfilled

My husband and I attended the cinematic production of  Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new speaking tour Wishes Fulfilled.  Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite contemporary writers.  In Wishes Fulfilled, he outlines a foolproof plan to help all of us make our dreams come true.   Let me confess that I’m still not a full-fledged follower of the Law of Attraction.   My spiritual beliefs are complicated and complex; they include some Law of  Attraction, but I just can’t seem to swallow in one gigantic gulp that all I have to do is want something and it will appear in my life.  Anyone else have that kind of skepticism?

In Dr. Dyer’s presentation, I think he addresses that somewhat.  He spoke about a transformational practice of bringing into your conscious and subconscious the vision of what your life would be like if your wishes were fulfilled.   Then, Dr. Dyer added a few additional characteristics of a transformational practice that will help you fulfill your wishes.

1.  Whatever your vision includes must feel natural for you.  In other words, envisioning yourself on the American Idol stage as one of the top 14 might not come true for those of us who have absolutely no musical background or ability.  It doesn’t feel natural imagining myself singing in front of millions, let alone singing for Simon Cowell.  What I can imagine is myself on a stage facilitating a personal insight experience.  Now, I’m feeling natural…and smiling!  After all, I’m also imagining an audience filled with Paula Abdul’s and Ellen’s, not Simon’s!

2.  Whatever your vision includes must align with what God wants for all of us.   Dyer isn’t talking about an ultra-conservative christian dogma.  He’s talking about creating a planet of peace, harmony and kindness.  He’s talking about a planet where everywhere we look, we see the face of God: love, beauty, expansion, receptivity, creativity, abundance and kindness.  If your vision for yourself runs contrary to that, if it is a vision of revenge or exclusivity or selfish gain at the expense of someone else, then it runs contrary to the spirit of God and doesn’t qualify.

3.  Whatever your vision includes must have been inspired.  How do you know the difference between inspiration and a vision created by your own ego?  Dyer says basically that when you’re inspired you are energized; when it’s your ego driving the idea, it zaps our energy.  I’m not talking about the occasional bouts of fatigue or getting tired at midnight when you’ve been up since 5 AM.  I’m talking about the burned-out-don’t-want-to-face-another-minute-of-this-but-the-world-is-depending-on-me kind of tired.

These are a few good checkpoints for helping us align our wishes and dreams with our inspired purpose and moving toward inner and outer peace in our world and that’s an attraction I can believe in!