Tips to Thwart Procrastination

So, see the theme this week? Yeah…all started back there on Monday with that TED Talk by Tim Urban.

Then instead of working on the rewrites of that YA fantasy that’s in its 50,000th reincarnation, I found Coffee Reading Writing on Youtube. 

Hope you enjoy it, Writerly Friends!

And after you watch, let me know what you’re working on!


PS. If this is a big challenge in your life right now and you would like someone to help you identify and eliminate those blocks to your creativity, contact me for a free  consultation to see if coaching is right for you!


Make Writing Your Business: How to boost your income through freelancing

Hey, all my writing friends!

I recently joined The Freelance Writers Den so I can build my writing weakness, which is the business end of writing. (This is my Affiliate link which does NOT increase your cost by one penny!)

In the past month, I’ve taken 1 and a half BootCamps and 2 webinars for free.

I just signed up for a 4-week Master Class in Journalism, where I’ll learn how to pitch feature articles for magazines!

Pitching and querying are my weakest links!

Even if you aren’t quite ready to take the course, check out Carol Tice’s blog, Make a Living Writing, where you’ll learn so much about turning your passion and hobby into an income stream!

I hope to see you in class or at least in the forums with the 1200 writing pro Den Members who post regularly…and the wannabe pros like me who ask a bookload of questions!

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Social Marketing for the Writer

I went to the Erma Bombeck Writing Conference in April.  There are a lot of great workshops offered at this conference that’s offered every two years, but this year I had the great luck to sit in on Nettie Hartsock’s presentation about social media which is one reason this blogsite and my writing website have gotten a facelift!   Here are some of the most important points Nettie discussed at the Erma conference:

  1. limit your social media time to 15 minute sessions three times a week
  2. update your LinkedIn profile and if you don’t already have one, GET ONE…publishers, editors and agents are looking at LinkedIn for their next authors.  Also, the better your on-line platform, the better your chances of publishing.
  3. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with LinkedIn so that you can update all three at one time
  4. Create pages on your blogsite or website that will trigger the most search engines bringing the right people to your site.  In other words, if you write humor, one of your pages should be humor; if you write romance novels, one of your pages should be romance novels.

To see more of Nettie’s tips, visit her website.