My FAVORITE Blogs/e-Newsletters

Vatamamma.…Kenzie Snyderman is not only an writer who has a way of using language to create vivid, bold pictures, but she’s also a mamapreneur…and if you don’t know what that is, you NEED to visit her site!

Bum Glue…written by Central Ohio writer and writing teacher, Nita Sweeney, this is a compendium of local events. If you aren’t from Ohio, look for a Nita Sweeney in your area, or look at her as an example for BECOMING a Nita Sweeney in your area! Excellent resource and wonderful teacher with whom I’ve been privileged to study.

The Astronomical Poet…whose blog I just recently found but love the deep spiritual insights in her poems.

What I Learned About Today...just fills me with joy! They send me unique and obscure links every day to learn about things like poisonous worms…YES!…Mental Math tricks, How Ma Rainey changed the Blues and much, much, much, much…MORE!

About Today…this is another Thought newsletter for folks who want to learn something new every day. I get a weekly e-mail with links to articles about fitness, decorating, why ‘lb’ is the abbreviation for pound…which by the way, goes back to the Latin Libra pondo. And now you know!

Fitlife…by VeryWell Fit, helps me think that I’m doing something for my health…even as I sit at my computer for 3 hours a day writing and NOT running.

Hubspot Service Blog…offers small business owners a nice compendium of articles to help build your small business. Not every article or newsletter has me clicking through, but there are enough articles that are helpful that I still subscribe to this service.

Medium Daily or Weekly Digest…curates blog posts based on your individual interests. It’s a great service and fascinating reading from a host of really good bloggers. Medium is also a great place to host a blog if you’re a writer because these days publishers and agents are also subscribers. So when Medium selects YOUR blog post to share in their digest, INSTANT PLATFORM! I haven’t had one appear yet, but I’m working on it!

Trip Savvy…for the gypsy in me, Trip Savvy suggests places to visit and offers traveling tips that save you time and money.

Go World Travel…publishes a number of travel blogs including one for travel writers so it’s one of my favorite blogs for travel. They also host a travel-writing competition each year and offer opportunities to write guest blogs for the site.

Steven Pressfield’s blog…isn’t written by Steven Pressfield, author of the War of Art and Turning Pro, but still offers writers a good place to learn that they aren’t alone!

The Writer Blog…is often a marketing tool, but offers great advice to advance a writer’s art to be on my list of favorites. It’s published by The Writer Magazine.

Writer’s Digest Blog…pubished by the Writer’s Digest Magazine that I’ve subscribed to for years and years and years, this blog is an excellent resource for writers.

ISEI Newsletter…for coaches, business leaders, HR professionals or individuals who want to improve their lives, this is a newsletter from the Institute for Social and Emotional INtelligence. Their articles are full of tips for improving life.

My FAVORITE Magazines:

Oprah…I mean, who doesn’t read the Oprah Magazine? I don’t know! This subscription is for the Spiritual Seeker side of me that seems to permeate every other side of me. But I don’t subscribe every year…instead I often buy a cup of coffee at my local library and sit in a nice overstuffed chair in a place where everyone HAS to whisper. Ahhh…Heaven!

Travel and Leisure…this isn’t a magazine I ‘read’ cover to cover, but one that I peruse and daydream through…it gives me more and more places to add to my bucket list which means that I’ll have to live forever!

Writer’s Digest…I read this one every month, skimming the articles that aren’t of interest but always doing the writing exercises!

The Writer Magazine…again, not one I subscribe to every year, however, I SHOULD!


Stauf’s Highland Grogg...a Central Ohio roaster who offers more than Highland Grogg, but we’re talking MY favorites here, so there’s that!

VitaCup…which is a vitamin-infused coffee with a rich flavor. I have a few favorites here, which you can order from the company’s website or through Amazon. (If you do decide to order one of these and click through here, I will receive a small commission as an Amazon Associate…but in total transparency, I haven’t yet ordered this through Amazon.)

//“>VitaCup Genius Blend…because really, who doesn’t want to be a genius?

//“>Vitacup Beauty Blend…because really, who doesn’t want to be smart AND beautiful? 

//“>Vitacup Green Tea…because really, who doesn’t want to be smart AND beautiful AND healthy?

Crimson Cup Jungle Love… another Central Ohio roaster who offers more than this blend, but again….this list is about me!


Willamette Valley Whole-Cluster Pinot Noir  If you have a Kroger’s nearby, you can usually find this in their wine department for close to the same price.

My FAVORITE Dog Toys for highly active, aggressive chewing German Shepherd Puppies:

//“>KONGS … seriously, is there anything better than these things? I fill them with canned dog food, freeze them and then pull them out when I need a time-out…or a nap!

//“>Kong Wobbler….  THis is the best thing for prolonging breakfast, lunch and dinner! Put the kibble in there and let your dog knock it around for about 20 minutes. I alternate this with food puzzles, cardboard mountains, and hiding her bowl in corners or under something so she has to ‘find’ her meal.

My FAVORITE Dog Trainers:

//“>Charmagne Shremshock of Portly Pugs…she is reasonably priced for private sessions, uses positive reinforcement methods that work, comes to you and will support you between sessions through e-mail and text. She also will board your dog! Of course, she’s only available to Central Ohio residents, unless you’re just shopping for dog-related hand-made pottery! Check out her website.

My Service Dog and Me….Kate Olson offers on-line training and is amazing. My ADD GSD will most likely never get to service dog status, but using Kate’s youtube videos has helped me train her to stay under my chair when we take her to coffee shops and restaurants.

My FAVORITE Local Artists:

Josh Shremshock … Josh is a potter and was my pottery instructor before he gave up teaching. I still miss him. A few of his works can be seen here. He also has a Youtube page where you can learn a thing or two from him. And for the astute reader, yes he is married to my dog’s trainer!

Denise Romecki... Just look at her sculptures!

Cheryl Leeseburg …a good friend who paints pictures that touch my heart.

Maggie Ervin …. another good friend whose work inspires me to be a better person

My FAVORITE Writer’s Groups:

International Women’s Writers Guild

Sisters In Crime

My FAVORITE Writers:  (I’ll keep adding to this list…)

  • Louise Penny
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • Lawrence Block
  • Ann Lamott
  • Natalie Goldberg
  • Janet Evanovich
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer