Services for Writers and Other Creatives

You love to write, create works of art, dream up new ideas for your enterprise, but lately, your Idea Well seems empty.

Creative Blockages have more to do with internal forces…plumbing issues hidden behind plaster walls…than with a lack of talent.

I can help you with that! 

Using my unique coaching process, we will work together to get to the root of your current challenge, and further. As a believer in short-term interventions, I ask for a one-month commitment. At the conclusion of our 4  1-hour  Zoom meetings, you will own a process for identifying AND eliminating Creativity Blocks forever! 

Services for Businesses

You’re an expert in your field and you’d like to spend more time in YOUR field than in MINE. I love MY field: writing. How can my field support yours?

Make your list:

  • Do you need a blog post that communicates your ideas in a way that attracts business?
  • Have you realized that your 10-year-old web copy needs a refresh?
  • Would you like to celebrate the anniversary of your venture with a history of your company?
  • Everyone else in your field has published a book and you need a ghost-writer?
  • Do you have some great feedback from former clients you’d like to turn into Case Studies?

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